Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm moving to!

Things change and evolve.  And so does this website and my work.  

Just recently, I redesigned my website and moved it to Blogger.  In the near future, I'll be retiring my current website name and domain, Roads Less Traveled Photography, and migrating it to a new name and domain.  "Matt. Create." at  This post will be the last post here.  All new work will be posted at  By the end of April, the name and the site "Roads Less Traveled Photography" will be retired.  

There are several reasons for this.  While I liked and still like the name "Roads Less Traveled Photography," the "Roads Less Traveled" part is used for all kinds of things.  If someone types "Roads Less Traveled" into Google, the chances of your website appearing in the top 100 are slim indeed.  Also, the British spell "traveled" "travelled."  There's room for confusion there.  The photography part sort of limits the website to photography, or at least limits people's expectation of what should be on the website to photography.  And if for some reason somebody needed to type the whole website address instead of clicking on a link, the address is just too long.  Who wants to type all that?  

So Roads Less Traveled Photography is now Matt. Create.  With a much shorter and more memorable address,  I thank you for your interest in my photography and work in the past and I hope you continue along for the journey into the future!  My thanks for all your support!  

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lichtenstein Skies

Just some experimentation, this time inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. Definitely want to work with this a bit more though.