Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hallway at Palanok Castle

Seen at Palanok Castle, Mukachevo, Ukraine.

The Palanok Castle or Mukachevo Castle (Ukrainian: Замок "Паланок", translit. Zamok "Palanok"; Hungarian: Munkács vára, Munkácsi vár) is a historic castle in the city of Mukachevo in the western Ukrainian oblast (province) of Zakarpattia. The Palanok Castle is delicately preserved, and is located on a former 68 meter high volcanic hill. The castle complex consists of three parts: the high, middle, and low castle.

Palanok Castle

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vydubichi Monastery #1

Vydubychi Monastery (Ukrainian: Видубицький монастир, Vydubyts'kyi monastyr) is an historic monastery in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

The monastery was established between 1070 and 1077 by Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav the Wise. It was a family cloister of Vsevolod's son Vladimir Monomakh and his descendants.

Vydubychi Monastery

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A View to Volodymyr #1 (HDR)

St Volodymyr's Cathedral (Ukrainian: Патріарший кафедральний собор св. Володимира, Russian: Кафедральный собор Святого Владимира, Владимирский собор; also known as the Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Vladimirsky Cathedral, or St. Vladimir's Cathedral) is a cathedral in the centre of Kiev. It is one of the city's major landmarks and the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy, one of two major Ukrainian Orthodox Churches.

St Volodymyr's Cathedral

Monday, April 16, 2012

Talk to the Egg (HDR)

For many of you, Easter is a distant memory. But in this part of the world, Easter was yesterday (April 15), and today is still part of the Easter holiday.

If I had been aware of the microphone there, I likely would have moved around the best that I could have and tried to recompose. But it was crowded enough around here, and you wanted to click the shutter before someone found a way to crash your shot.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Decrepit 2

I've got those home renovation blues.

Wow, I definitely fell behind a bit on my photography. Funny, you think you can manage a process like home renovation, but truth be told, it manages you! It manages every little aspect of you.

But of course I thought it would be manageable. My idea of home renovation is to put a new picture on the wall. My wife, needless to say, has a slightly more nuanced view of what home renovation should be. And her view overrides my view. Needless to say...

But by the end of this month, it is hoped that normality will rear its head and banish the home renovation blues for good. And I may just reward myself with a special photography outing; something that I have promised myself for a while but have yet gotten around to. Or maybe the renovation will still not be done, and I'll have to put it off for another time...

(NOTE: That's not my home in the picture!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Extreme Fractal

Fun with Fractals.  This started off as a fractal, but then I ran it through Topaz Detail and Pixel Bender.  Pretty cool outcome, I think!